Because Hart had too much free time on his hands.

The title has nothing at all to do with my post. It’s just as a result of an assignment, which is due 6 hours from now. Catharsis? Maybe.

Anyhow,  I should probably get “I am a lazybum” tattoo-ed on my arm. Or my lower-back. But that would be too slutty, no? How about a butterfly tattoo? Or a Scorpio? How about a star on my ankle? Or my wrist? Hmm.
I am going to graduate this year, and one thing that I REALLY need to do is to pull my act together, pull up my socks. In short, to STOP procrastinating.  I am such a slacker that I have zero trust in my capabilities now. Sighsigh.

Moving on to something constructive. I have a question for everyone who comes across/reads my blog. Do you need a purpose in life? If yes, what is your purpose in life?
I really have no purpose in life. I think I used to have one when I was younger. I used to believe in bringing a “change”. Remember Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”? I used to write it everywhere; from messenger nicknames, to people’s scrap/ autograph books. I actually believed in bringing about a change, super-man style. But I think, I have turned into a MAJOR pessimist now, and as unhealthy as it is, I am happy being one. I don’t believe in changes, or doing something awesome in life. Just taking life as it comes. I think it’s a good enough purpose for me. And, before I get all emo and start wrist-slitting in a corner, I will move on  and discuss..Damon Salvatore? Such a gorgeous  vampire! So.. so swoon-worthy. His eyes, oh Jesus, his eyes! ❤
Also, I got a “I ❤ Damon Salvatore” t-shirt on Valentine’s day. My mother thinks I need psychiatric help, because of my serious addiction to anything to do with vampires.

P.S: I am so bored and awazaar, I am actually watching “New Moon” on Star Movies, right now. Somebody shoot me, please?

Oh, and something to restore my idealism. The Egyptian revolution, which had people from EVERY walk of life, coming together and unifying for ONE common goal was immensely inspiring, to say the least. Their persistence, their optimism, their loyalty to their cause, and everything that went into Mobarak stepping down was beyond words. People hoping for something along those lines in Pakistan really need a reality check. We are a nation which is divided on the basis of religion, sects, sub-sects, castes, provinces, schools of thought. There is just so much division between our people, that unlike the Egyptians, we can not unite for one common goal. I am not being pessimistic here, just being a realist. For Pakistanis to bring about a “revolution” of sorts in our country, we need to let go of our differences. And honestly, I don’t see it happening, any time soon.


4 responses to “Because Hart had too much free time on his hands.

  1. I am going to get back to you on this one 😛

  2. So you’re not pulling down anything? 😦

  3. how to follow ur blog?

  4. My purpose in life is … to be happy, I guess? I don’t know. I agree with you though. I haven’t become a pessimist per se but rather, just very disillusioned. You get that if you happen to live in Pakistan AND not be uber duper rich. Oh yeah. :

    I wish we could have an Egyptian revolution type thingy here too. But we won’t. At least not in the immediate future, we won’t. 😦

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