Monthly Archives: July 2010

Bel far niente.

So, true to my “I don’t want to indulge in any constructive activity, but will merrily waste time doing absolutely nothing at all”-self, I am writing after 25 days.
Summers are here, and hence, I take it as an opportunity to open my “Whiny book of 1001 Whinings”, which is particularly relevant  this season. Did I ever mention how much I hate summers? If not, here I am expressing extreme hate for summers. I hate hate hate them. Especially, summers coupled with extreme boredom, and literally nothing to do. ARGH!
The heat is scorching (yes, fellow Lahoris. You know what I mean, right?); the electricity crisis is being a pain in the rear-side ( god knows what I did in my previous lifetime to suffer THIS!); lack of places to hang-out ( IS THERE ANYTHING TO DO IN LAHORE OTHER THAN GOING TO M.M.ALAM TO EAT? Sadly, I don’t think so.); lack of paid internships (pfft.); pathetic internet connection ( I don’t even want to get started on that. WORLDCALL IS A MONEY-THUGGING WHORE!). The only saving grace about this summer are the World Cup matches. I am SO happy at Brazil being kicked out of the quarter-finals by three bald Dutch men, and what was up with Italy and France this time?! Spain V Portugal was like Football Porn, as put by someone who nagged me to death to write a post. But, OMG! Such higher degree of hotness is a very rare thing. I have had a crush on Ronaldo, ever since I was 14. And then came the Euro 2004 final against Greece, and the footage of Ronny crying. EEEEE! My larvee multiplied by 20  at the sight of tears rolling down his perfectly tanned cheeks. *dreamy sigh. Oh, I can’t count the times I’ve imagined saying “I do”  to Ronaldo, on some beautiful Madeira island. But, except for the match against North Korea, he was invisible this time around. Pathetic performance, to say the least. Now methinks, he’s better of being a gigolo, than a football player. Anyhow, since I am crazy about everything Spanish, including men, I was happy that Spain won. Now I want them to win the World Cup too. Viva la Espana! Oh, and I think, Mommy dearest has a crush on David Villa. Seriously. :/
Moving on, a game of “Never have I ever..”, with 5 girls is shitloads of fun. Not engaging into any details here but, a sleepover, bars of dairy milk, a tub of ice-cream, and a game of “never have I ever” is SHEER AWESOMENESS. From realizing that you were not a normal teenager, to the fact that your friend has a new boyfriend; it’s just so much fun. *wink wink.
Also, I have finished the vampire-lore, and have started (and already halfway through) “Eat Pray Love”. I highly recommend this book to every female out there.  It’s a real-life journey of Elizabeth Gilbert, through Italy, India, and Indonesia. And, it’s actually a very well-written book, which is being turned into a movie starring, Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem (Vicky Christina Barcelona, anyone?). And since, I am going to finish it in a day or two, PLEASE RECOMMEND ME MORE BOOKS!
Since, “INTERNSHIP” has always been sprawled across my summer agenda, every summer, this time I am interning at research based law firm. The interview can be best summed up as “Rape”, but I got in. So, YAY ME! As to why it was “Rape”, I was told to give an analysis on Jane Austen’s biography and all of her work, on the spot. Without any prior warning! I mean, HULLO? I WAS  SUPPOSED TO BE INTERVIEWED FOR A LAW-BASED INTERNSHIP! Now, all I hope is that they have good poondi there. I know hot bOi will be immensely proud of me. No?
And lastly: Dear Rain-gods, do I have to perform the rain dance for you to have some mercy upon us? Please be kind to us and give us rain. Lots of rain. Amen.