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Raise your hand, if you’re a Manchester United fan!

Finally, god decided to shower some happiness upon my poor, unhappy, currently-extremely-emo soul. Manchester United kicked Arse-anal’s ass. That too, 3-1 at Emirates! Woohoo! Also, Rooney scored his 100th Premier League goal. That’s what I call AWESOMENESS! *insert chicken dance.

P.S: I miss Ronaldo wearing a Manchester United kit. 😦
P.P.S: Another search that directed some (unfortunate) person on my blog is: Sylar Kissing. Sorry, for not uploading any Sylar related porn on my blog.-_-


If you’re happy, and you know it, clap your hands..

..but oh wait, I am NOT happy.
Life is stagnant; no drama, nothing that I’d want to tell my grand-children years down the lane. The past few days felt like as if the air around me was drenched with depression inducing sedatives. Something that made your mind numb, and makes your body physically lethargic. I have been guilty of being too much of a couch potato for the past few days, and that’s certainly not what I would have wanted for myself. I wanted to be active, and happy, and on a cheering spree. But oh well, shit happens. A lot these days, sadly. These days little things make me sad, or irritated, or mark the come-back of my-not-so-good-Godzillaish-temper. Everything’s going haywire, and not as they were meant to be. Know the feeling when you’re about to put the last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, before an annoying cousin, or a sibling walks all over it? Or, when you feel like you’re gaining weight for no apparent reason, and your body looks all disproportionate? Or, when the tailor screws up your perfect outfit? Or, when you don’t know why the fuck somebody scored more than you in an assignment, for which you worked your ass off? Or, when you keep getting do-this-and-do-that lectures from authorities? Or, when you forget the car-key inside a locked car? On another thought, the car-key forgetting incident wasn’t THAT bad. It was fun in a weird way, actually. Anyway, I am HATING these days. Argh. I need some action in life, some drama, some fun, some craziness. I wish I could hibernate, and wake-up when this series of uneventful days end.  Monotony is making me go ape-shit. Pfft.

Is it the weather?

P.S: And no, I am not PMS-ing, either. -_-
P.P.S: Also, somebody came across my blog, while googling: Can sushi give you a toothache? Interesting. I need to research on it.

Ten ways to get over an Ass-hole.

So, after you’re done with your crying marathon, and emptying boxes of Rose Petal, resort to these, and I bet my left kidney that these ten ways won’t fail you. Seriously.

1. Eat Sushi, if you haven’t already tried it before. Also, make a friend taste it with you; later you can watch her puke, and take pictures while she’s choking on Sushi. (True story:D)

2. Go to Joyland, and sit on “Top-Spin”. Catharsis of sorts.
Note: Ladies, don’t wear pants, or shalwars if your legs aren’t waxed. Naat ayee good sight.

3. Bunk class, and go to Hyper-star, then take random pictures there. Don’t delete the pictures, even if the store management repeatedly asks you to do so. Also, shop- lifting Mini Mars bars anyone?

4. Try food you have never tasted before. The author FINALLY had soup. It wasn’t that bad, but she still can’t get over how soup slides down the throat. *shudders.

5. Go outside the hot/sexy teacher’s house, and take pictures of yourself. Wait, until the guard comes, and then drive away. Guaranteed Adrenaline rush.

6. Shop. Shop. Shop. Retail therapy FTW!

7. You-tube cheesy Indian songs. Learn the lyrics, and the moves. “The Classique Govinda- Pelvic-thrust” is a must.

8. Call up random numbers, and make weird sex, and kissing sounds. Do this at your own risk. The author was told that sucking on her hand would make  kick-ass kissing sounds. It worked.

9. Read everything: random Facebook profiles, news-papers,, novels, anything and everything.

10. Lastly, make a make-out video of yourself, with “Dunchya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” playing at the back, and email it to the ass-hole. Okay, that was a joke, don’t do it. OR, whyyyyyyy not give it a tryyyyyy? *insert mischevious smile. 😀

The odd Pearl.

She sat there motionless, with her knees touching her chin, and her arms wrapped around tightly. Wind billowing her long, black hair . She could taste the salt of the ocean on her lips. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, letting every muscle in her body to fully take in the pain burried deep inside her heart. She had to let it out. She. Had. To.
She opened her eyes. Her dark brown pupils dilating to see clearer in the blackness of the hour. The midnight moon shone above the ocean. The sound of the waves was over-powering. She sat, and looked, and pondered, and wondered. Her mind was shrouded with questions; a cobweb of complexities.
She drew a circle in the wet sand. The circle of life; the circle of all the complexities and frailty her life was. She pour her heart , and soul on the wet sand. Literally. Etched out all her questions on the sand, the questions which were once etched in her heart.
Somebody narrated her tale to me, told me all what she wrote on the sand. I remember a few, and I would like to share them with you.

How bad is hell? Is hell worse than the mental torture, and pain we go thorughout our lives? Are all our sacrifices really worth it? Is it just a myth, or do hell, and heaven really exist? Do we really please god by displeasing ourselves- his creation? Why do we fear god? Is he really that scary? Can we live our lives without any regrets? How do we distinguish between right and wrong? Is it possible to live our life, without displeasing god? Love over religion/morals, or vice versa? Is love sacred? Or, is it a sin? Can you love more than one person at a time? What does it mean to attain perfection? Is time really a healer? What is love? What is sin? What is life?

Sadly, I have answer to none. Do you?

’tis a sad sad truth.

You know what is sad? The fact that girls have a big mouth, and are incapable of keeping secrets for long.
Recently, this chain mail was doing rounds on facebook. It was kind of silly, but a fun game. Girls had to put up the colours of their bras as their statuses, which had to do something with breast cancer. Anyway, the game was fun , and even better , since guys all over the world were actually using their brain to figure out the reason behind the colour updates, this was UNTIL some of the treacherous ones amongst our sex gave away on the secret. Shame on us, no seriously! It was actually a fun game- something that was exclusively all-girls, with no boys allowed (well, guys also started updating their statuses after realising what’s it about; a guy on my home-page had “red net” as his status -_-). But sigh, I guess the common conception in our society about women having absolutely no room for secrets is unfortunately, very true.

Seriously girls, why?


Is he hot, or is he hot? 😀

I iz aye slacker.

I’ve been meaning to write a new post for my blog for a long long time now. I wasn’t busy, caught up with work, or too happy with my social life. Fine, I was in Islamabad for the weekend, but that doesn’t justify me not writing anything since 19th December 2009. Jeez. What a slacker I am! O_0
The guilt of being such a lazy-bum is taunting me now! And, it wasn’t as though I couldn’t come up with topics to write about. Seriously, every time I brush my teeth, I come up with a new topic! No jokes.
Anyway, so here it is, my first resolution for 2010- I iz gonna stop being aye slacker! *fingers crossed!

And umm, was I the only one watching TV and browsing on the new year’s eve, with a glass of wine? Okay, that was a lie. It was green tea. But seriously, WAS EVERYONE ELSE IN LAHORE PARTYING EXCEPT ME !?