Monthly Archives: November 2009

My Bubble.

I have been staring at this page for the past 20 minutes and I still can’t decide what to write on my first blog post-yeah, MY blog. Wooooooo. Weeeeee. Whether to begin this by writing odes dedicated to my frikkin’ awesomeness? Or, by a formal introduction? Naah, I think both are too cliched.
I don’t know, dude.  Can’t figure out exactly WHAT to write about. BY THE WAY, do you know that the word “dude”  literally means “an elephant’s infected butt hair”! It’s weird how we normally use it in our daily conversations.
Example 1: ” Hey dude, what’s uppppppp?”
Example 2: “Yo dude, kia scene hai?”
(Now replace the word “dude” with “elephant’s infected butt hair”) :/

I know that was VERY random, but I guess that’s whom I am-Her Highness Queen of Randomsville ( that’s your cue to bow down now). So, allow me the honor to present you the blog of the frikkin’-awesome-demented-whimsical-shady-momnatrix. ( Yes, momnatrix is  a rip off of “Matrix”. Sue me.).