Monthly Archives: May 2010

Men are from Mars..LOL jk, they are just plain stupid.

Me:  My nails look demonic, because I painted them silver.
Hot bOi: How did you do that ? :/
Me: Err..nailpolish, anyone? -_-
Hot bOi: I thought you spray painted them!
Me: 0_0

Enough said.


The lost pleasures of gajar ka halwa and the almighty parathas.

God was a bit unfair to me, and instead of making me an ever-enviable size zero chick, bestowed me with..a not such an enviable size. Ever saw an uber skinny chick gobbling down a dozen desi-ghee ke parathay, and still not gaining an inch? Or, ever noticed a size zero hottie with her perfect ass, and then recalling the proportions of your ass and feeling all gloomy and unattractive? If yes, then HIGH FIVE! Welcome to my world. -_-

Is it just not unfair that some of us are just curvy with a broad structure? I mean, at dinners when there’s awesomely-deliciously-yummy “fatty” food on the table i.e: garam gulab jaamuns, gajar ka halwa, aaloo walay parathay in desi ghee, lasagne oozing with cheese, layered pizzas , and the likes of such food, don’t you, *points towards a gathering of curvy women*, want to just grab and gobble it down without feeling the guilt pangs?  Sigh. And, on the the other extreme, there are people who just keep eating, and eating, and eating, so much so, that I am sure that their diet for a day can feed a family in Somalia, and still not gain even an inch, and THAT TOO WITHOUT EXERCISE! Pfft. Why god, why? Sniff.

Why is it that every store has clothings to fit a size zero chick, but not enough figure flattering clothes for curvy women? Yeh kahaan ka insaaf hai? So unfair! Also, ever noticed that all the mannequins are super skinny women with perfect proportions? Discrimination, no?

So, while those lucky chicks chug down strawberry milkshakes, and that awesome Hardee’s ka chocolate milkshake in this scorching heat, I shall finish my 4th cup of green tea for the day. Yay me! *HIGH FIVE? No? 😦