Monthly Archives: June 2010

Of coffee shots, random babble, and me.

I see I haven’t been able to live up to my new year’s resolution: I will not slack. Unfortunately, the laziness in me is as steadfast, and constant as  ever. Anyhow, the primary reason I have slacked so much in updating my bog is: a) I was being raped by finals; and b) Because let’s admit it, I had a writer’s block. Well, not so much of a writer’s block, but this weird lethargic feeling, that takes over you mentally and physically, and as a result of it, all you do is sleep, or act like a 24/7 pms-ing bitch . Sleep ,or throw around tantrums. As the awesome hot bOi in my life put it, a text-conversation with me was something like: I hate you..snore, you’re an ass..snore, enough of chemistry..snore, I am awesome.. snore.
In my defense, I JUST GOT OVER WITH SECOND YEAR LLB FINALS! Cut poor lil’ me some slack.*makes a sad pouting face. I’ve been living on coke-coffee shots, energy drinks, coffee, and have successfully managed to lose a lot of inches. Oh, and I don’t need to dress-up for Halloween; to my nani’s utter distress, I look like a zombie now. Yay me. NAAT. On a brighter note, well..not as bright as I initially thought it would be, 3 months of absolutely nothing to do. Yay me! But, I am bored already. Boo?
Now I need to really budge my lazy bum, and get myself an internship. Or, a paid job. I don’t mind some monie$ in my empty wallet, you see.

I have been pondering over what to blog about for the past one week, since somebody, and you know who you are *glares*, has been nagging me daily to update my boring dull blog. Lot’s been going on. The Facebook/Twitter/Wikipedia ban got lifted by the LHC, which seriously needs to prioritize itself. I mean, what the hell was that? They could have simply banned the URL instead of blocking whole sites. But it’s done and dusted and a lot of time has been spent arguing over the ban, and the ban’s lifted now. So, yay! But hey, is it just me or post-ban Facebook has gotten really boring?
Then there were the attacks on Ahmadiyya Mosques (go ahead and fine/jail me for saying mosques instead of “ibbadat gaah”). The really pathetic thing was that no political party openly condemned the attacks. It’s just really sad that our government is unable to protect and safeguard the rights of the minorities, and how some righteous, god-fearing people have actually praised the attacks. They render me speechless. Really.
Other than that, there was the attack on the Flotilla. USA seriously needs to stop treating Israel like it’s beloved brat of a child, who can get away with anything. And, I hope that UN takes strict action, and I use action and not notice here, since the impact of a “notice” on Israel is nil. UN can atleast threaten Israel with action under Chapter VII. But why would it? It’s  not any other country, but “Israel”. Hate the double-standards.

Also, I am hooked to Elizabeth Kostova’s “The Historian” these days. Awesome book if you’re into vampire-lore. I secretly believe that vampires exist in real. Don’t mock my sanity. It’s prolly because I just got over my exams, yeah?